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Ness, a residential project near Geylang Road.

Ness @ Geylang is a freehold development consisting of 1B, 1+S, 2B and PH located in the lavish neighbourhood of Eastern part of the island. Ness has a sleek contemporary design which is simply beautiful visually in ideal synthesis of function & form for the really outstanding individual.

Just about all near to Ness are various options for endless entertainment and quality living. From top learning institutions to delicious eating to elating sports in addtion to travelling around the island is a snap with fast access to several close by mass rapid transit stations and highways.

Merely moments away from the imminent Paya Lebar Central, providing Ness extra advantages for high powered professionals to commute seamlessly between work and play.

Each room is thoughtfully tailored to deliver simultaneously the beauty in addition to the comforts which the residents need. Enjoy yourself in the relaxing rooftop pool or simply keep fit inside the gym. No attempt is spared in making your individual opulent haven at Ness, a true statement of your fashionable way of life.

Legal regulations and title deed registration process differ from country to country, therefore you need to grasp your legal rights and strive to seek out the essential searches, surveys and title deed checks that is needed to be conducted before you sign on the dotted line to buy your overseas real estate. Never enter into any type of contract without the assistance of an independent lawyer and never accept somebody’s word that an overseas real estate has its title deeds in working order.

The number of real estate agents may be reduced now that the CEA requires those who are holding another job to get their employer’s approval first, before becoming property agents. Industry watchers say this could lead to a dip of up to 15 per cent of agents in the industry when it is time for renewing their CEA licences. This regulation, which is effective in 1Q 2011, mandates that applicants to declare if they will be working full time elsewhere or performing full-time NS obligation while being a property agent.

Instead of payments disappearing into somebody else’s pocket, real estate owners are building equity in their own real estate. That is often one of a person’s biggest capital. Each year that you just own the real estate you make payment more to reduce the principal, which is money you’ll get back when you sell the property. It’s like having a forced savings account that grows faster the longer you have it. If the property appreciates in price, and generally it will, it’s like money in your pocket. And you are the beneficiary who gets to take advantage of this. You will then use this capital enhancement equity to plan for your other future goals like your child’s education or for your golden years. More information can be retrieved from Hijauan @ Cavenagh.

One behaviour of a good real estate investors is that they’re good problem solvers. The reason they can get profitable real estate deals that others do not, is because they are able to solve other people’s issues. Anything goes in the real estate arena. You want to continue your education as it’s vital that you are continuously putting time in your education and learning new methods, strategies and tips that can help you earn more in real estate investment.

Locals and Permanent Residents who are real owner occupiers, as well as citizens not purchasing a third or subsequent residential property, will not have to pay the additional buyer’s stamp duty. It should be noted that the number of locals who do not stop at two may not be large initially, the new measures may result in what is available in the pool of private property buyers may be mostly first and second residential buyers for the next few months.

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